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    "I am a D1 athlete & my feet stink. I tried my hardest to get these to stink & couldn't. I wore them for days & nothing... My teammates all want some now."


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    "These socks are so comfortable. They stay on, no slipping at the heel. They wash beautifully and have retained their shape over the last 3.5 months. No smell. It's hard to describe unless you do it yourself but I feel good putting on these socks."


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    "Just finished up a professional baseball career and now coach at a major D1 school. These are the BEST socks I have ever worn. I am a sock guy & only wear the top brands... These top all of those + no stink."


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    "I do beverage production on my feet all day. I wear these every day and they don't smell. It is incredible."


Image of a girl on a yoga mat wearing our odorless socks, practicing yoga in a serene lakeside setting

No Stink

Image of a guy enjoying a summer day, resting with his feet propped up on a table.


Image of a person performing a deadlift wearing our performance stink free socks

Blister Free