What is OX SOX?

At OX SOX™, we don't believe in masking foot odor with harmful chemicals. Our natural, science-based approach eliminates odor at the source, leaving your feet smelling fresh and your mind at ease. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just need fresh feet, OX SOX™ is the solution. We like to think of ourselves as the odor patrol of the sock world. While other brands turn a blind (and smelly) eye to foot stink, we're here to eliminate it once and for all - Your friends and family will be forever grateful.


Here’s how it started.  Meet Matthew.

Matthew’s baseball career may have earned him trophies, but it was his feet that truly stole the show. They could clear a dugout faster than a grand slam – really. The family rule was to throw out his socks and wash his feet before joining them. But Matthew knew that there had to be a better way. So, he set out to find a solution that would eliminate odor without any harmful chemicals. And thus, OX SOX™ was born. Now thousands of people around the country can confidently kick their feet and enjoy a good laugh with family and friends. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a pair of socks that could peel paint off the walls…


Inspiration Strikes.

Sometimes inspiration strikes in the most unexpected places – like a college kitchen. One night, his college roommate had a new towel in the kitchen. It was designed to never need washing, and moreover, you could clean your hands WITHOUT soap. Always being mindful and self-conscious about his socks and shoes stinking - Matthew was shocked, and immediately thought about his feet. He stayed awake for hours that night researching materials to see if he make stink free socks!


OX SOX™ was born.

So, he set to work, researching and testing different materials until he came up with the perfect blend for OX SOX™. He started contacting manufacturers and prototyping solutions.  Over 100 manufacturers and 50 fabric designs later, he was getting close.  One day after a workout, Matthew propped up his feet in the living room, and the family was astonished that the rancid smell was missing!  SUCCESS!!  His friends all wanted their own pairs.  Blind smell testers could not believe the horrendous odor of a 1 day normally worn sock vs. an odor-free well-used pair of OX SOX™. Now, we’re happy to share the solution with the world. It’s a no brainer for anyone looking for a natural solution to foot odor.

So why call it OX SOX? The Ox is the world’s most powerful animal and we have the world’s most powerful socks.


We’re here to rid the world of stinky feet!

Join the thousands of others who have already made the switch to OX SOX™ and treat your feet to the comfort they deserve.  Today we have 2 styles of socks – Ankle and Crew socks - that will neutralize your foot odor allowing you to feel confident wherever your adventure takes you. Whether it’s long travel days, date night, on the feet all day, or taking your shoes off at someone's home - OX SOX™ is here to put you in the most comfortable socks that you've ever worn and leave you smelling fresh! (You may even be able to keep your shoes longer…)

Plus, with our natural solution, you'll be doing your part in reducing environmental waste caused by throwing away smelly socks.



So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your sock game and join the OX SOX™ family today.