OX SOX™ was born out of innovation and a drive for a solution. I grew up playing baseball, and my feet always stank. Working out, pitching, coming back from school, it didn't matter. The first comment when I walked through the door was "Take off your socks and throw them out", and then it would be followed up with "tell us about your day". 

Having this in the back of my mind, I was always mindful and self-conscious about my socks stinking. I came back from a late night pitching session, and my college roommate had a new towel in our kitchen. It had special fibers built into the material that allowed for it to never need washing, and moreover, you could clean your hands WITHOUT soap. I was shocked, and immediately, my first thought went to my feet. I stayed up for hours that night researching the materials to see if I could implement that into my socks. 

After sampling countless designs, materials, and socks, OX SOX™ was born. Today we have 2 styles of socks that will neutralize your foot odor allowing you to feel confident wherever your adventure takes you. Long travel days, a date with a boyfriend/girlfriend, work after a workout, or taking your shoes off at someone's home- whatever it may be, OX SOX™ is here to put you in the most comfortable socks that you've ever worn and leave you smelling fresh!