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Super great socks

Ordered these socks a few months ago, and they are super cozy and athletic and durable. The owner checked in with me after purchasing, and you can tell he really cares about the company and its customers. Probably the best customer service I've had. Glad to have a sock company like this on the market now.

A sock for everyone!

I really don’t have smelly feet. However, I purchased these socks because I was curious of the odor fighting protection feature.

It turned out that I really enjoy wearing Ox Sox. They look great, feel comfortable, and are made from high quality materials. The odor protection is an added benefit.

I recommend it to anyone with or without smelly feet!

So convenient and works amazing

I’m a professional dancer and have 4 to 8 hour practices a day at sometimes. Ox Sox gets me through and is extremely comfortable plus doesn’t smell terrible like other socks when I get back home. Not only that, but the convenience of being able to use the sock multiple times without it storing any bacteria or odor. It is perfect.

Best socks!!

Ox Sox are these best socks ever! I wear these to work, class and the gym everyday! They’re so comfortable and work so well! I plan on buying several more pairs soon!

Best socks ever

These socks are really comfortable. After multiple washes, they have not become dry like some Nike socks. They are breathable, too. I have socks that are thinner than these, yet make my feet sweat within minutes. Even when my feet get sweaty in these socks, I let them sit for a little and they are already dried with no smell. Highly recommend and will be buying more

No more PHEW!!!

Am sure recipient of my gift will be elated when his shoes come off.

The real deal

These socks honestly work. I don’t know how, but I am just very thankful we came across them!! In addition to being odorless, they are also study and comfortable. We are very happy with them.

Great Crew socks

Brought for my hiking boots, worked great!! The Best socks made, got rid of all my old socks


My grandson is thrilled with these crew socks and is happy to have them. His family is thrilled too. :-) Consider this a rave review!

I don't want to ever take these sox off!

I first learned about OxSox through meeting the founder at a "shark tank-like" competition. Not only did he win the entire competition, he also sold me on getting OxSox... I've recently been going to high intensity boxing classes and I can literally wear the same pair of OxSox throughout the entire day.

I was known as someone when I wore slides, others would know. My feet don't smell good and it's not a good feeling. OxSox takes care of that completely.


My 14 year old daughter is amazed ! She is so pleased- no more foot ordor!

Now I can wear OX SOX 24/7

I’ve been LOVING my ankle cut pairs of socks and was so excited when they released the new crew cut that I had to buy more. They still remain the comfiest socks I have ever worn. They’ve completely replaced my 50 other pairs of miscellaneous socks. Goodbye crowded sock drawer, hello happy feet.

Love them!

High quality and they work!!!!

Bye to odor!

Great socks, nice design and fit. No odor noticeable. Would also appreciate crew style socks.

Love the OX

Son loves these Socks

Best Socks For My Stinky Feet

I especially like using them with my motorcycle riding boots.

My new favorite workout socks!

These socks are incredible! Not only did they keep my feet feeling clean and fresh for my workout, they are extremely comfortable, too!

I am hiking the Appalachian Trail and need to limit pack weight

The product provided is the ankle high style. I prefer the higher versions. I did however try the ones provided and they fit and were comfortable. However, I cannot continue with the ones provided. I appreciate the request to try them out, but ask that you provide a style that suits my needs. Thanks again.


These socks are so comfortable. They stay on, no slipping at the heel. They wash beautifully and have retained their shape over the last 3.5 months. No smell. It's hard to describe unless you do it yourself but I feel good putting on these socks.

Love them!

I bought the socks for my granddaughters (ages 10 and 8) and they love them!

Comfy & Clean

So far, so good! Day 1 with them on. Between moving in a new house and a baby on the way, there’s more movement around the home than before. I’m sure my wife will thank me :)


These socks are a game changer! I only wish that I had ordered some sooner. These would have been so helpful when traveling to Japan. Luggage space is limited so I found myself having to re-wear smelly socks which became embarrassing in a culture that requires you to remove your shoes inside. They really work! Not only are they good for smelly feet, but they are also extremely comfortable, and they look cool. I bought the value 3-pack for free shipping, but both my brother and father took my other two after hearing me brag about them. I will be reordering shortly for myself and future gifts!

Great Quality

I’m in the military and have done a lot of physical workouts in these socks and they are great. They feel comfortable and don’t stink even after three weeks of working out in them. Great quality product.


These are amazing, soccer mom here if you are on the fence DO IT they work!

Amazing Socks

These socks are the best! Not only are they comfortable, they keep my sons feet from scaring everyone away.
Totally worth the price. I have now purchased three packs!