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SMALL: US Women's Sizes 7-11/US Men's Sizes 7-9/US Children's Sizes 5-6

LARGE: US Women's Sizes 11-15/US Men's Sizes 9-13


  • Odor-Free Experience
  • Advanced Moisture Wicking
  • Stiffness Reduction
  • Lasting Durability
  • Cloud-Like Cushioning
  • Blister Resistant
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our OX NYLON Ankle Socks (3-Pack) are thoughtfully engineered to ensure long-lasting freshness and comfort, no matter what activity you set out to do. Eliminate foot odor with OX SOX™ - the ideal solution for keeping your feet smelling clean. Featuring a natural, science-backed formula that breaks down odor causing bacteria, these ankle socks are ideal for both daily wear and strenuous workouts. From the gym, to work, or just running errands - make sure your feet stay stink-free with OX SOX™. Upgrade today and experience the power right at your feet.

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Is there a difference between men's & women's socks?

-All socks are UNISEX

What is the difference between the Cotton(OX TROT) and Nylon socks(OX FIRE)?

-The only difference is personal preference! BOTH socks are made of the same odor killing materials & ready to take on any event. Just like choosing the ice cream or the cake - maybe BOTH are the right answer?

What do I do if I am in between sizes?

-If you are in between sizes, order up for a looser fit or down for a tighter fit.

Is there a recommended washing instruction?

**For best results, we suggest that you wash socks right side out(as you would wear socks)

-Wash at/below 40°C/104°F

-Do not bleach

-Tumble dry low temp

-Do not iron

-Do not dry clean

Our recommended washing instructions are also listed on the label.

Are the socks less comfortable because they have odor killing technology?

-No. Many of our reviews say that OX SOX are the most comfortable socks that they have ever worn!

Are these socks tested for diabetics?

-No. These socks have not been tested for diabetic purposes.

Do you make other sock lengths?

-We are actively working on creating other styles of socks. Our mailing list will alert you when they come out!

Do you make children's sizes?

-We are actively working on creating children's sizing. Our mailing list will alert you when they come out!


90% Cotton, 10% Spandex Blend (OX TROT - Cotton Sock)

90% Nylon, 10% Spandex Blend (OX FIRE - Nylon Sock)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeanette Bowers

Appreciate very much your approach to your business. Thank you.

Allison Bentley
They're legit!

So pleased to report these socks have fixed my husband's feet! 🙌🏼 He gets home from a hard days work & takes his shoes off and I smell nothing! I don't know what the secret is, but we're thankful over here & we'll be lifelong Ox Sox customers!

John Polinick
Yes it's true!!

I was a little skeptical at first but the socks really do end smelly feet! Socks are comfortable and are worth every penny!!

Kathleen Gentile
My nephews love these

We took a family trip to Ireland last summer and it was then that I found out that my nephews actually had a discussion about how much they loved these socks! They like the comfort and they say that they are the only socks they have that don't slip down into their shoes and cut down on the foot odor!

Yehoshua Reyez
Please Don't Change a Thing: Amazing Socks!

These Socks rock and here's exactly why...
But first who am I? I live in one of the hottest states, Arizona.

I've worn these socks sprinting, weightlifting, hiking and covering many miles walking in a day. In these conditions, you notice how your equipment handles, shoes, and definitely socks.

Ox Sox have just the right kind of cushion, its springy and dense enough to actually add a hint comfort during acceleration/braking on a jog, or just being on your feet all day. But it's not so thick that your foot slides around in your own shoe.

The other smart thing about this sock is the composition and actually the texture.
dense nylon is smart because of the ability to deal with moisture obviously and durability...but the outside texture is soft enough to feel comfortable to walk in naturally, and once again not slide in the shoe.

Truth be told when I've been in socks and shoes all day, I usually feel miserable. But, after hours in Ox Sox, I hardly noticed at all.

I wear a 9.5 mens, and the small was perfect.

Last but not least, I've always had feet on the smellier side, and to everyone out there, please wash your feet! No one piece of clothing can ever replace hygiene, but these socks really are pretty miraculous. My feet hardly smelled at all after a full day hiking with dirt, sweat, and dust.

I can't recommend these enough.
If you know anything about marching, or carrying gear for miles, you know the maintenance of your feet is vital. Worth every penny.
Definitely plan on replacing all my socks with them.

Image of a person cycling while wearing our socks


Image of a person lacing their hockey skates while wearing our socks


Image of a person hiking while wearing our stink free socks